Welcome to Holiday Card Exchange, where you can exchange Christmas and holiday cards with people from all over the world, get gift ideas, find recipes, and find lyrics to your favorite Christmas carols. We hope you enjoy the wholesomeness, warmth, and love of the season. Merry Christmas!

How it Works


Sign up on the site using the register button above.

Choose Lists

Click the button above to choose a card mailing list. You may send cards domestically within the US, UK, or exchange cards with people all over the world!


The button above will give you a link to the card lists. Send your cards in the mail and receive them from the other people on your list.


How does it work?

After you register as a user, you will choose a list to exchange with. After you have signed up with that list you are expected to exchange Christmas or holiday cards with everyone on that list.

Am I expected to exchange with everyone on the list?


What if the list gets too long? Postage is expensive!

We monitor the size of our lists. No list will be allowed to have more than 150 recipients. If that occurs, we will start a second list for the category. Feel free to sign up for more than one list if that occurs. 

Is my address information visible to everyone on the internet?

It is only visible to registered members of Holiday Card Exchange.

May I include other items, such as small ornaments, with my cards?

Absolutely! Please, for the safety of our members, no food items, and please keep be mindful that some items (such as glitter) can create a mess when opened.

I signed up for the list but am no longer able to exchange. What do I do?

Please post a thread in our forum so that we can remove you from the list.

Does each list restart every year?

I have a question, how do I ask?

Please post a thread in our forum. We will be happy to help you.

Countdown to Christmas

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